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2022 Report on Business names Tidal in Canada’s Top Growing Companies

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What is the Tidal Migrations Platform?

Tidal Migrations is a Software-as-a-Service platform built for companies migrating to the cloud. Our collaborative, application-centric approach allows you to discover, assess, plan, and manage your migration with actionable insights to transform your applications and support your business goals.

Discover your data. Lightning fast.

Analyze databases, source code and technologies in minutes with agentless discovery. All in one convenient source of truth. The Tidal Platform integrates with your existing tools to save you time and fill in the gaps.

Cloud Readiness Assessment.

Identify roadblocks and quantify the difficulty of Replatform and Refactor migrations.

Tidal makes it easy to assess all your source code and database configurations, and get a recommended application migration plan. Drive faster modernization of legacy applications and move towards database freedom.

Easy prioritization, tracking and design.

Tidal brings prioritization and assessment automation to help your team plan, and the data to ease your transition. Build migration waves leveraging dependencies to collaborate and ensure success.

Who Uses Tidal Migrations?


Transformation leaders who want to build businesses focused on agility and innovation.


Consulting partners and systems integrators who want to provide actionable cloud migration advice for their customers.


Cloud migration experts who want the latest tools and methodologies for fast, data-driven migrations.

“There's simply no faster way to discover a client's tech-stack than with the Tidal command line utilities. Sharing the data online is just a cherry on top.” Peter K., Solution Architect, Service Provider
“The integration with Slack is nice, and sparks the most timely conversations about our application transformations.” Tomas O., Cloud Architect, Migration Partner
“After just a few hours on the platform, I can’t imagine doing a complex cloud migration without such a tool. Thanks for all the work you guys put in.” Paulo A., Cloud Migrator, Migration Partner
“We had been struggling to track just 50 applications, related databases and servers - Excel just wasn’t cutting it. With different versions everywhere the team, and our customers, weren’t always on the same page about what was migrating and when. After two days with Tidal Migrations, we were hooked! The integration with Slack and our operational tools kept us all in sync, at all times.” Dan W., Operations, End User
“Tidal Migrations’ automated 6R assessment enabled our migration team to quickly realize that we could transform more of our software to cloud-native than we first thought we could. This pivoted our cloud migration project from an infrastructure-refresh mindset to a modernization one, and allowed us to deliver more value to our business inside the same budget and timelines.” Paul Pabla, Cloud Migration Program Lead

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