We started the Tidal wave for one reason:

To Empower Business Agility via the Cloud


Over half of the virtual servers we touch in migration projects are decommissioned. This rationalization results in impactful savings.

Single Pane

For executives and hands-on users alike, Tidal Migrations de-risks the move to the cloud by providing oversight of all the elements involved from Discovery to Assessment to Planning and Execution.


With always-on access to information, the entire team is instantly aware of the actions and progress throughout the transition project. On time, on budget, low risk.

Why we built Tidal Migrations

As experienced transition managers with over 60 datacenter & cloud migrations under our belts, we saw a common theme. Our clients all shared the same experience during their projects, high anxiety!

"Even migrating 40 apps in a weekend, I sleep like a baby with Tidal Migrations."

We didn't think this should be stressful so we set out trying to solve it. Our products are designed by migration'ers, for migration'ers.

It began with a deep desire to avoid updating spreadsheets at all costs! Tidal Migrations corrals the tools you are currently using throughout the Discover, Assess, Plan & Execute phases, providing a single pane of glass for your migration.

Team Tidal

Who we are!

Photo of David Colebatch
David Colebatch
Chief Migration Hacker
Photo of Phil Rees
Philip Rees
Migration Hacker
Photo of Jason Hurlbut
Jason Hurlbut
Chief Value Officer
Photo of Krystle Khoo
Krystle Khoo
National Value Director
Photo of Andrew Joe
Andrew Joe
Senior Software Developer
Photo of Justin Barclay
Justin Barclay
Software Developer
Photo of Petr Shevtsov
Petr Shevtsov
Software Developer
Photo of Natalia Doubova
Natalia Doubova
Software Tester
Photo of Tal Brenev
Tal Brenev
Software Developer
Photo of Dan Zrobok
Dan Zrobok
Enterprise Cloud Advisor
Photo of Prem
Prem Rara
Migration Hacker
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Our Advisors

Photo of Michael Carr
Michael Carr
Veteran in enterprise IT and serial entrepreneur. Currently Chief of Staff at HelloGbye and previously COO and CFO of Ingram Micro's global cloud business.
Photo of Rob Maclean
Rob Maclean
Experienced software executive who scaled a B2B SaaS business from startup to NASDAQ listed global leader. Currently CEO of Points.com
Photo of Michael Oas
Michael Oas
Veteran IT practitioner, ITIL master and DevOps advocate. Trusted advisor of governments and Fortune 500 companies via commit.ca

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