Everyone on this team
is a hacker.

We don’t stop at what’s written on the box. We live in the world of software, and as hackers, if something doesn’t suit our needs: we hack it. We fix it. We write code to make whatever it is, work for us.

It is this approach to technology that is key for making transitions to the cloud successful, and it’s a key message for our clients: Transition comes with change and Tidal Migrations is how you manage change.

It is our view that Tidal Migrations' tools and team are the best to lead that change. Our software is flexible, allowing for a myriad of transition scenarios: data center consolidation, lift-and-shift cloud migrations and commonly complete system overhauls.

Our practices are the embodiment of agile. With an office in downtown Toronto, we primarily work as a distributed team, with weekly face-to-face touch points (online and IRL), and we live in Slack.

Got something to say, say it #publicly. 90% of our slack messages are in public channels, because we are one team. Our Hackers join channels because they’re interested and want to contribute.

Our Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Tidal Migrations is for everyone

Embrace Remote

We work across Canada and the world


We trust each other to take the lead


We're in this together


We share what we know

Don't Do Nothing

See something broken? Let's fix it


We demonstrate and assure positive intent

Work-Life Balance

Flexibility helps us work and live better

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