Unknown Unknowns

The most prominent cause for cost-overruns, delays and outages in cloud migrations is your team not having enough useful information about your applications. Working off of old design documents, recollection and instinct is not the recipe for success you are looking for.

Most cloud migration failures are because IT only looks at the servers. They treat cloud as another datacenter, and their migration as a technology project.

You are not alone.

The Tidal Way

We believe in taking an application centric view to your cloud migration. Talk to the business, understand the usage patterns and requirements, and then look at the technology.

To fulfill this approach, Tidal Migrations gives you the platform you need to discover and assess all of your applications quickly. With our technology fingerprinting, source-code analysis and dependency mapping, you will have all the details at your fingertips for moving more rapidly towards the cloud than you could imagine.

Read more about conducting application cloud readiness assessment interviews.

Migrate to the cloud, with certainty.


Discover your applications, technologies and dependencies


Determine which applications you should transform or migrate as-is


Create schedules for your transitions, collaborate with your team


Online project plans, notifications and automation awaits

Know Your Applications

With your whole team able to collaborate efficiently online, you'll identify your knowledge gaps and fill them faster with Tidal Migrations.

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