Discover the hidden data for your applications

Start the cloud migration process on the right foot by uncovering all the data behind your applications.


Don’t rush in without proper discovery

The key to a successful cloud migration? Accurate discovery of your applications and technology - no guesswork allowed.

With Tidal Migrations, you can complete this step faster than ever, automatically.


Start simple with your domain

Don’t know where to start? Just enter your public domain, sit back, and watch Tidal Migrations do the rest.

You can even use simple command lines to identify your private applications behind your firewalls - so nothing is off-limits.

Public Domain searching

Find the low-hanging fruit for the biggest impact

Have out-of-date software? Which applications can be migrated quickly to create the biggest impact?

Let our platform interrogate your application servers in seconds and discover the status of the technology behind your applications.


Centralize your interviews

Migrations aren’t a one-man operation, which is why efficient stakeholder interviews are crucial to your success.

Tidal Migrations comes readily loaded with 20 questions within a streamlined user interface for you to capture consistent details from everyone involved.

This pipeline is entirely customizable for your own migration and can be easily rolled out to your entire team.

vSphere CLI

Integrates with your inventory system

Keep all your resources in one place by integrating Tidal Migrations with VMWare, VMM, or other inventory and CMDB systems. You can synchronize your server inventory to track your IT footprint over time and get a true sense of your needs.

vSphere CLI

Host Discovery with Nmap

With Nmap you can scan your network and identify your hosts, IP addresses, ports and services.

This allows you to easily reconcile your existing infrastructure inventory or to start new and set up a solid foundation.

The process is very simple, run Nmap, verify its output, run Tidal Tools to send it to your account, then visit your Tidal Migrations account to review and connect the dots.

Check out our guides for more information
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  • host discovery page

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