TORONTO, June 6th, 2018 – announces a new public domain discovery feature to enable cloud migration teams to identify applications in seconds.

Available immediately to all Tidal Migrations customers, the new public domain discovery feature cuts through weeks and months of discovery activities, requires no agents and can highlight which applications may already be on the public cloud.

“Our customers told us they want faster discovery of applications, without the need to deploy agents or data collection VMs in their environments. We listened, and today can return hundreds of domains in under 2 seconds given an organization’s domain name or a public network range.”, said David Colebatch, founder and Chief Migration Hacker of

The domain discovery feature has already proven useful for measuring the cloud migration progress of from Azure to Google Cloud. This became a hot topic this week with Microsoft’s announcement of its GitHub acquisition, which sparked an immediate migration of some 250k projects to its competitor

“Right away we were able to show folks that the majority of GitLab’s public services are actually still on Azure networks,” David said.

Tidal Migrations today supports AWS, Azure and Google Cloud migrations, as well as private cloud and application portfolio assessment projects. By more rapidly identifying applications and centralizing the application assessment to one platform Tidal Migrations shortens cloud migration projects. Customers can sign up today on the AWS Marketplace or directly at


Tidal Migrations empowers enterprises around the world to transition to modern application development environments and embrace the cloud as part of their digital transformation strategy. Our team delivers a scalable, multi-tenant web application to support cloud transformation initiatives augmented by our best practices and our partners’ professional services. Our mission is to support migration initiatives by making the complex straightforward.