Your Cloud Migration Platform

$10k per year
  • Up to 20 Applications*
  • Unlimited Users
$24k per year
  • Up to 60 Applications*
  • Unlimited Users
$75k per year
  • Up to 250 Applications*
  • Unlimited Users


Included Features

  • ✔   Web Application Technology Detection
  • ✔   Compute, Database and Storage capacity measurement
  • ✔   Source Code Cloud Readiness Analysis
  • ✔   Database Migration Analysis
  • ✔   Application Dependency Mapping
  • ✔   Migration Planner
  • ✔   Hypervisor Integration (VMWare, HyperV)
  • ✔   Excel import/export
  • ✔   Customizable Dashboards
  • ✔   Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • ✔   Application Cloud Assessment - Report Generation
  • ✔   Custom Fields
  • ✔   Tag based searching and grouping
  • ✔   RESTful API (see docs)
  • ✔   Team Collaboration
  • ✔   Slack Notifications
  • ✔   DNS Tools
  • ✔   SSO (OAuth & SAMLv2), Azure AD

* Tidal Migrations is priced per business application equivalent. Statistics show the average number of business apps per organization varies from 10 to 200+, from small IT departments to large ones. Each application is assumed to be made up of a number of software components, virtual and physical servers and a single database. To calculate the number of business applications across a fleet of servers we use a ratio of 1:3. That is, absent of good application portfolio data, we estimate that for every 3 servers (operating system instances) you have 1 business application. Similarly, we estimate that each application has a maximum of one database instance. These ratios are calculated across your portfolio and serve to prevent abuse. For example, if you are on Small package, with a maximum of 20 applications, you can track up to 60 servers alongside your applications.

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