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All tiers give you access to the complete list of features and help guide you through the four phases of your migration: Discover, Access, Plan and Execute

  • Automated Web Application Technology Detection Quickly and automatically determine technologies used by your applications, agentless.
  • DNS Private and Public application discovery Quickly discover relevant IP addresses and domain names. agentless
  • Compute, Database and Storage capacity measurement Quickly and accurately capture your infrastructure allocations and applications consumption.
  • Source Code Cloud Readiness Analysis Identify the number of cloud roadblocks and easily compare migration difficulty between applications. Identify existing security vulnerabilities to remediate, ensuring you migrate your applications securely.
  • Database Migration Analysis Automatically identify database utilization for right sizing, application dependencies, and proprietary feature pre-migration. Compare and contrast target cloud migrations and their difficulty.
  • Built In Interview  Included questions and interview forms for application assessments. Customizable out of the box.
  • Application Portfolio Cloud Assessment Automatically generate PDF reports of your assessment progress and portfolio. Includes recommended migration order for top-3 applications
  • Tag based searching and grouping Easily search, filter and sort all of our data to help stay organized.
  • REST API  Everything is invoked via a REST API that is fully documented for any custom integrations or workflows. (see docs)
  • Team Collaboration Fully web-based application to centralize and manage your migration project.
  • Application Dependency Mapping Automatically and manually determine your applications dependencies.
  • Migration Wave Planning Group your applications and their dependencies into migration waves to easily track dependencies.
  • Automatic Hypervisor Integration (VMWare, HyperV) Quickly integrate with VMWare and HyperV to automatically discover your server infrastructure and the necessary details.
  • Excel Import & Export Easily import any existing data you have to start your project. Easily export your data and results and progress to Excel.
  • Customizable Dashboards Categorize and organize your portfolio depending on the project, customer, environment, or more!
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment Compare and benchmark your portfolio across different requirements for cloud migration and modernization.
  • Custom Fields and Reporting Easily customize and add attributes that are relevant to your process or project.
  • Slack Notifications Keep your team members up to date using Slack, with changes and update notification directly to a channel.
  • DNS Tools  Perform DNS analysis, interrogations and migrations.
De-risk your migration

Our Addons

Customize your migration solution and leverage these available add ons to help get accurate and critical data for any migration project. Minimize the risk for your migration project before your start by using these addons to discover and identify major roadblocks, CVEs, incompatibilities, and more.

Premium Insights for Source Code

  • Identify all CVEs Easily see all CVEs within an applications source code
  • Cloud migration roadblocks See specific roadblocks identified that may impede a cloud migration and ways to mitigate them.
  • Third party software detection Identify software libraries and open source software dependencies within your applications, including version details
  • Industry benchmarking Compare your code quality relative to other organizations applications

Premium Insights for Database

  • Per schema analysis Look at potential feature issues per schema within each database
  • Complete feature mitigation analysis See full details on all potential feature and implementation issues, including the specific locations and possible mitigations to resolve them.
  • Feature searching Search and identify your databases by the specific features and issues that they implement.
Remove the risk from your migration project

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Have more pricing questions?

We have answers.

Where can I purchase Tidal Migrations?

You have three options to purchase your subscription to Tidal Migrations. You can use the buttons above, or choose to go through Amazon or Azure marketplaces.

Can I access Tidal Migrations on demand?

Yes, but only through Amazon. You can sign up and not pay a dime, then get charged per hour of analysis only when you start using the platform. Click here to get started

Will this replicate my data to the cloud?

The short answer? No. The longer answer? Simply replicating your data to the cloud would most likely cause several issues. For one, if you have applications that your enterprise is no longer using, you’ll keep paying for nothing. Secondly, if you have outdated software or other issues, these do not get solved, and you end up taking all of your issues with you to the cloud. Not great! With Tidal Migrations, you can plan and execute a transformative cloud migration and achieve easier governance - and lower costs.

Why don’t you charge based on server size instead?

Our approach is more transformative - we want to help you understand what your servers are doing, what they contain, and what your goals are for your migration. In light of this, we take an application-centric approach. This is why pricing is based on the number of applications you have.

How many users can I create on the Tidal Migrations platform?

All tiers have unlimited users, so go wild!

What if I have more than 1000+ applications?

You can get in touch with us for Enterprise pricing.

How can I signup for Tidal Migrations on the Azure Marketplace?

To do this you can find us in the marketplace, and start by clicking 'Get It Now'. You can follow along on how to correctly do this with this PDF walkthrough.

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