Tidal Migration Management Platform

Migrate with intent.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Use the Cloud Readiness Assessment to prioritize the applications to be migrated and to which cloud platform.

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Capacity Planning

Knowing resource utilization is essential in planning a successful migration. Automate it with Tidal.

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Dependency Mapping

Determine migration waves by mapping dependencies within each application system. Tidal makes this a dynamic process.

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Case Study Project Delivers $30.2 Million in Savings

A datacenter-to-cloud project had ambitious financial targets, which are often only achieved by projects with high one-time costs and many consultants. Not so for this public sector client.

Through a detailed Cloud Readiness Assessment and Migration Planning Excersice, this client was able to efficiently plan and communicate migration windows with their end-users months in advance, ensuring ample time for test-plan development and proactive stakeholder engagement. Knowing what is migrating, when and how, is just one benefit of using Tidal Migrations.



Discover your applications and their dependencies

Scan your applications to determine their technologies. Scan your network to determine dependencies and usage.



Determine which applications you should transform or migrate as-is

In this step, use leading edge tools and a consultative approach to understand your IT footprint.



Create schedules for your transitions based on your dependency maps

Organize applications, servers and other resources into transition waves and easily understand the impact when the scope invariably changes on you.



Online project plans, notifications and automation awaits

The rubber meets the road here! With a detailed assessment and plan in hand, you have everything you need to be successful!

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The most common cause of error in datacenter and cloud migration projects is working off of the wrong version of “the spreadsheet”. Tidal Migrations replaces the need for spreadsheets by providing an online collaboration portal for your migration team to work from. Our Slack integration allows your entire team to be on the same page, with notifications for changes to application, server and migration planning data. Come execution time, you’ll have everything you need to use Slack as your virtual war room.

Platform vs. Tools

Industry Standard: Excel Network Monitoring Tools (Netscout, Riverbed, Gigamon) Application Discovery & Monitoring Tools (DDM, uCMDB, SCOM, etc.)
Import/Export all data to excel
Fast search with built in data analysis
Create lists of applications and servers with variable properties
Visualize the dependencies between applications, databases and servers
Assess compute resource requirements for cloud migration
Decompose Applications to database and servers (Impact assessment)
Identify Network dependencies
Customizable dashboard
Cloud Readiness Assessment
Built-in Migration Planning feature for scheduling applications, databases and servers by Move Group
Arbitrary grouping of applications and servers by tags
Integration with Slack for greater team collaboration
Lightweight browser requirements (HTML5, no plugins)
Multi-tenant (multiinstance), branded SaaS application
Documented RESTful API

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