About Tidal Migrations

Tidal Migrations is an application assessment and migration platform, helping enterprises transform their applications to be cloud-native.

With Tidal, customers are able to migrate applications the right way, avoiding the trap of "lift-shift-then-modernize".

Make the leap

Add international experience to your resume, from the comfort of your home.

Tidal Migrations was started by an RMIT Software Engineering graduate who took a chance on an overseas internship. Now the opportunity for you to do the same is here.

Project Opportunities

Founded by an RMIT alumni, this project has been created to meet our desire to give back to students by providing challenging and rewarding opportunities.

If selected, your team will:

  • Work in a remote, distributed team
  • Be supported by a global team of engineers
  • Use bleeding edge technology, like serverless
  • See your work make an impact on users
  • Access employment opportunities, beyond the project

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