Data-Driven Insights

Knowing what operating systems and server platforms you use today is only a fraction of what you need to assess a cloud migration. Tidal Migrations provides Application-Centric discovery and analysis to provide you with the data-driven insights necessary to replatform and refactor your applications for cloud.

With Tidal’s cloud migration tools, you’ll analyze your web technologies, DNS, database usage and configurations, as well as perform static source code analysis on your custom applications.

Data is not only technical. The interview process that is built into the platform rounds out the data with the addition of business value, operational costs, privacy requirements, and other considerations.

  • Database Analysis
  • Application Assessment
  • Transition Plan
  • Database Analysis
Creating an application

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Understanding your application portfolio’s health and fit for cloud is key to identifying the workloads to transition early on. Then prioritizing the transition of the workloads with the greatest positive impact will create momentum for your cloud migration initiative. Find your low-hanging fruit.

Stakeholders will appreciate the speed at which you can create cloud readiness assessments with Tidal Migrations. Reports are generated from your discovery and assessment data for each application and are augmented with charts and analysis of your portfolio that are specifically designed for cloud migrations.

Living Documentation means that each item in the report contains a backlink to the Tidal Migrations platform allowing the reader to stay up to date with the latest details from the assessment, regardless of how long ago the report was generated.

Transition Recommendations

Coupled with our Application Owner Interview feature, Tidal Migrations will provide you with a recommended migration order and identify the specific technical challenges you’ll need to overcome, right down to database features and source code files.

It’s the clearest way to plan your cloud migration.

See Features for more ways Tidal Migrations can help your cloud migration initiative.

  • Cloud Application Readiness Assessment Report
  • Cloud Application Readiness Assessment Report
  • Cloud Application Readiness Assessment Report

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