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Assess In Place

As you assess each application’s technology and business needs, you will follow “The 6 Rs” to migration, selecting from Retire, Retain, Replatform, Rehost, Repurchase, and of course: Refactor.

Capture the details of your plan for migration in the Transition Overview feature. Insert graphics, attach old requirements and designs and don’t worry about having to share a spreadsheet with someone again.

This is the source of truth for your migration.

  • Application Assessment
  • Transition Plan
  • Transition Overview

Database Migration

Migrating from legacy on-premise database technology to cloud-native databases used to be the most daunting transformation. Now, with Tidal Migrations database assessment, you can quickly measure the migration difficulty of replacing your Oracle database with something more fitting to your needs.


The analysis will calculate the difficulty of migrating your databases to your target platform, and give details on database features that you should focus on during migration.

Capable of analyzing over 100 features in both Oracle and SQL Server databases, providing analysis on migrating a database to a variety of services on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Read the docs here.


Generate Assessment Reports

Need to share a deliverable with a client or stakeholder in a hurry? In one click you can generate a PDF application assessment for one, several, or all your applications.

Save hours and weeks of laborious documentation.

Pro-Tip: If you dig up an old assessment PDF and want to see the latest details, just click the application name and you’ll be linked right to it, securely in Tidal Migrations.

Move Group Planning

Scheduling an application for migration will grab all dependent applications and servers, so you can be sure your scope includes everything impacted.

Report on Transition Wave composition, capture contact details and project communications all in one place, while keeping your team up to speed with our Slack channel notifications.

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