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"We've never been exposed to the entire process before... now the tactics for cloud migration make much more sense."


  • Interactive 1-day workshop, delivered online
  • Instructor led, by a cloud migration practitioner
  • Encourages more transformative migrations, not only lift-and-shift
  • Hands-on labs, supported via slack and zoom
  • Tailored to your business, customized for your needs

About your workshop

A full-day workshop led by David Colebatch, veteran of over 75 transition projects and Chief Migration Hacker at Tidal Migrations. He will illustrate the 4 phases - Discovery, Assessment, Planning & Execution of the cloud migration process.

Learn Application, Database and Source Code assessment techniques as well as risk assessment and identification of impediments.

In this hands-on workshop, you start with goal setting and then learn a unique, layered approach to application discovery and application-centric assessment techniques.

In addition, you will be exposed to several tools which will illustrate what is required to make data-driven assessment decisions quickly, and de-risk your migration project by maximizing savings and positive business impact.

At the end of the day, your team will walk away with skills, tactics and resources to make your voyage to the cloud successful, ensuring you won’t need to come back to the business cap in hand for more funding later.

Do it right the first time, and become a remote migration ninja today!

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Private. Customized.

We understand you have unique needs, as your organization is likely structured differently or has specialized processes and requirements from your industry regulator.

No problem!

Our private workshops are designed with you in mind. In addition to focusing on your specific project needs, you can also conduct multiple workshops in a series. Scaling your cloud migration factory across multiple teams and lines of business with a consistent and standard training program comprising the best-practices needed for the new cloud paradigm.

To discuss tailoring the workshop to your needs, email value@tidalmigrations.com or call Jason on +1 877 895 7179.

"Our cloud migration strategy changed the day after this workshop. We assumed lift-and-shift then modernize was the way to go, but now we can do it in one go."

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