Why Tidal

Cloud migrations generally fail - but it doesn’t mean yours should.

Data-Driven Migrations Save Time

96% of companies are migrating to the cloud right now, and only 4% are actually done. Most go over budget (55%), and most take longer than planned (64%).

The biggest culprit? Lack of proper planning.

That’s why you can succeed with your migration to the cloud - on time and within budget - by using Tidal Migrations.

A different approach to cloud migration

We’re the only independent commercial platform that empowers you to access and analyze your application portfolio automatically using an application-centric approach.

You’re left with actionable data that can drive your decisions so you no longer have to rely on hypotheticals and gut feel.

Ever wondered if you really need a certain application? You’ll no longer need to. Your data tells the whole story.

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Source code analysis

Discover, assess, plan, and execute

The Tidal Migrations platform takes a four-step approach to plan out your cloud migration.

All the benefits of the cloud, without the struggle

The cloud is cost-efficient, easily scalable, cuts down your server pricing, and gives you a competitive advantage.

But when you’re already settled in with dozens, if not hundreds of applications, those benefits seem less tempting.

But how much do you really know about your applications?

When you start using Tidal Migrations, you get to know your applications on a deeper level and access all the data you need to make simpler, more informed decisions.

No more hypotheticals - you get a single source of truth for all your data.

Source code analysis

Analyze your source code in minutes, not months

With our platform, you can analyze your source code more quickly than ever before and identify the roadblocks on your path to the cloud.

It’s the simplest way to build a smart application migration plan.

Easily build momentum towards data gravity

Now you can analyze your Oracle databases in minutes instead of waiting around for months. Where your database goes, the applications will follow, and Tidal Migrations makes it quick and simple.

Source code analysis

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